David Watts, Jr.

Photographer - Filmmaker - Historian

Purchasing Prints

Ordering Prints / Shipping Information

To order a print, send an email message to dwattsjr@dwattsjr.com

Include in the message the photograph title, size of print, and detailed shipping address information.

Prints are shipped within the United States via UPS Ground. Shipping costs are included in the print price. Special requests, upgraded shipping, and international addresses are available; quotations available upon request.

Print Sizes / Prices

                                     8" x 10"                              $200.

                                   11" x 14"                              $350.

                                   13" x 19"                              $500.

The dimensions listed represent those of the print paper sheet. The actual image dimensions on the sheet are determined by the particular image. The minimum border measurement is 1" on two opposing sides.

All images are, currently, Open Editioned. Prints are not numbered or limited, regardless of size.

Printing Process

All printing is done using a Canon printer and archival pigment-based inks on Moab Juniper Baryta Rag 305 printing paper. These are high quality, long lived materials that produce a deep, rich tonality in black-and-white and color. Prints have the look and feel of classic silver-based photographic prints.

Prints on matte paper are further stabilized and protected with the application of Hahnemühle protective spray. This coating reduces fading of the image by exposure to UV light and increases resistance to abrasion.

Each print is signed in black fountain pen ink.

A label is affixed to the back of the print identifying the photograph title, file number, and photographer attribution.

Displaying the Print

Prints are sold as is, not matted and framed.

Framing artwork is a personal aesthetic decision unique to each individual and environment. Matting and framing a photograph should complement the space where it will be displayed. As such, the color, size and style of the mat and frame should be left to the print owner.

My own preferences for framing a photograph, for instance, consist of a white, acid free, museum-quality window mat in a simple black frame, often wood, but sometimes metal.

Basic recommendations for matting and framing fine art photographic prints:

Always use high quality, archival, acid-free mountng materials; sometimes referred to as museum quality.

Matting the photographic print should be done in such a way that, should the need arise in the future, the print can be easily and safely removed without damage. For that reason, using dry mounting tissue or spray adhesive to bind the print to the backing mat board is never recommended. Additionally, the archival quality and safety of such adhesive materials is open to question, despite any manufacturer's claims. The goal is to be able to remove all framing and matting without damaging the print. Matting and framing is replaceable; the print is irreplaceable.

The best method of mounting the print to the backing mat is by using archival quality linen hinging tape to both secure the print to the backing board and to create a top hinge for the backing mat and window mat (that goes over the print).

High quality anti-glare museum glass or plexiglass is recommended to reduce distracting reflections. If, in addition, it is UV-retardant glass or plexiglass, it should be of the highest quality to avoid a subtle green tint.

The final element of displaying a fine art photograph is lighting. While avoiding direct sunlight on the framed photographic print, which will result in irretrievable damage to the image, is necessary, good, even light reveals the subtle tones in black-and-white and color photographs. Full spectrum artificial lighting often yields the best results. Lights with a high CRI (95 or better)  and an intensity of 500-800 lux is most often recommended, particularly for exhibiting color photographs.

Licensing Photographs and Commissioning Work

For individual enquiries, please send an email message to: dwattsjr@dwattsjr.com