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Whether for a LinkedIn profile, Web site, corporate publication, or other professional use, a quality portrait / headshot is an important tool in today's largely online environment. Often, without benefit of a face-to-face meeting, the headshot is the first impression that many will have of you. How do you want to present yourself? What is the first impression you want to make? How do you want to distinguish yourself professionally?

A professional headshot is an important tool to help you achieve your goals, whether they be a new position, promoting your own business, or as an online expert in some field. You get only one chance to make a lasting impression.

1) Choose a photograph that looks like you

The purpose of an effective headshot is that prospective employers, clients, or contacts can see exactly who they'll meet in person when that time comes. It is most important that your headshot presents a clear and accurate depiction of what you look like currently.

Resist the temptation to upload any photograph of yourself, particularly an old one that does not depict you as the person you are professionally. A jarring difference between your headshot and the person anyone should meet in person can be the difference between success and disappointment. Also consider this: whenver there is a noticeable change in your looks, you should have an updated headshot made so that everyone sees the current you.

2) Choose the right expression

:Always think of your headshot as your first opportunity to make the best impression of who you are as a professional person. Maybe you don'y consider yourself comfortable or  or yourself smiling in a portrait. But consider this: research has shown that people view a person who is smiling in their headshot as more likeable, competent, and as giving off a positive influence.

Feel free to practice smiling in a mirror before your headshot session, going for a natural, relaxed smile that invites people to reach out to you and hear what you have to say. An upbeat headshot can lead to more contacts and opportunities.

The photographer will work with you throughout the session and capture genuine smiles.

3) Dress as you would in a professional setting

Clothing also plays an important part in the first impression you give, particularly in a headshot. It's worth careful consideration and planning befre the portrait session.

Think seriously about dressing for the job you want or the clienbt you are trying to attract to your business. Clothing choices would differ if you are a lawyer or in management, for instance, than if you are trying to get customers to your shop or specialty business. Is formal, businesslike more the look, or a more casual look? How those choices are approached and decisions made will affect how people will react to your headshot.

One basic rule to consider: Try to avoid wearing patterns and large prints  in your headshot as they can distract attention from your face.

It's recommended that, if possible, you have a variety of outfits - some more casual, some more formal - to make a variety of looks in the headshots for different purposes. Also consider if you will need a professional makeup artist.

4) Keep the background in mind

The background can be another aspect to consider. For most headshots, a simple white or black background is very effective, and mitigates clashing colors with respect to the subject's clothes, hair color, etc. A grey background is also a classic choice. What must always be considered, with respect to the background, is that unnecessary distractions must be avoided, distracting from the portrait subject, you.

An effective headshot is classic and simple: no props, extraneous items, or anything else that might distract from the subject. The portrait subject - you - are the single, most important element in a successful headshot.

However, if, for professional reasons, a more complex portrait is needed that includes you, the subject, and items or a location that vis more visually descriptive of who you are and/or your profession, pleaser go to the Environmental Portraiture page.

5) Invest in a professional headshot

If you are serious about investing in your career, a professional headshot can be a great investment. I will work with you to create a headshot that enhances your best features and makes you look relaxed and confident - the best way to capture a genuine smile. A small investment in a headshot in a headshot can help you get to where you want to be.

Taking a good photograph of yourself is not impossible, but if you are serious about investing in your career, a professional headshot is a great way to get started. It will make you look your best with the use of controlled studio lighting, posibng you to look your best, and to allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable, and a relaxed and confident smile. A small investment in a quality headshot can help you to your job and career goals.

A note on LinkedIn/professional media headshot ....

As delivered, the finished headshot is sized for LinkedIn or other similar professional application and will carry the filename 'your_name'.jpg. By this way, if anyone should Google your name, your headshot will also show up in the results.

If you would like to talk some more about a head shot, for pricing, or to book a session, Contact us via email or telephone.

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